Meet The Team


My name is Steph Kinney. I’m 26 years old and I live in New Jersey. I have a master’s degree in school counseling and I’m extremely passionate about helping others! I’m a Charity Coordinator for Feed Our Children NOW! I first volunteered at the Camden Warped Tour date in 2012. It was there that I met Lana Posner the founder of Feed Our Children NOW!. After the concert, I sent an email to her about getting more involved. She wanted me to get in contact with some other members of the team.

After a few months of helping out, they mentioned they were in need of someone to help with the charities on the tour. I have been doing it ever since and I really enjoy every aspect of being a charity coordinator! In 2015, I was the Event Manager for the Camden world record attempt. We were able donate food to 20 charities in the city of Camden. Although we did not break the record, it was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life! I love Feed Our Children NOW!


Hi I’m Franny and i’m the Tour Manager for Feed Our Children NOW! In my short years working with the non-profit I have learned many key traits such as hard work, compassion, leadership and what to do in case of a fire. I’m a fun loving individual and a child at heart. I like going to the movies, bargain shopping, collecting Sailor Moon toys and just so you know, I don’t sing in the shower… I perform!


My name is Terra Taylor, and I’m a Volunteer Coordinator for Feed Our Children NOW!. I’m a 21 year old college student from Atlanta, Georgia. I have been volunteering with Feed Our Children NOW! for 3 years and donating for 7 years. My role within the charity is to organize and coordinate with volunteers and Team Leads before, during and after each show. This charity is the most beautiful and empowering thing that I have ever been a part of, and I love spending my summers working with them.


Hi! I’m Shamira! Was born and raised in Florida and currently living in Brooklyn, NY. I am a Production Coordinator for an experiential marketing and event production company in Manhattan and have had the pleasure of working alongside the FOCN team since 2014, tweeting, posting and gramming for all of our wonderful fans. I do possess a few “grandma” qualities, which include knitting and drinking tea every night. But other than that some of my hobbies include: reading, enjoying nature, live music, watching Broad City, traveling, trying all sorts of food and always finding a way to be close to a body of water.


Eryn Moore is a student at Chapman University in Orange, California studying Business Administration and Music. She is into all types of music and wants to go into the music business. She sings, plays the drums, and bass guitar. Eryn has volunteered with Feed Our Children for the past two years and is very excited that she is now a Volunteer Coordinator! She grew up in San Diego and has always been service oriented, especially about providing food for less fortunate individuals. She loves Feed Our Children Now because through the organization she is able to combine her passions of music and service.


My name is Hailey. I live in Orlando, Florida where I work as a Production Manager at two music venues in town. I began my Feed Our Children NOW Journey in 2010 as a volunteer in Florida at Vans Warped Tour. Two summers of volunteering later and I became the volunteer coordinator. In Summer 2015, I became the Volunteer Supervisor. In my free time I like relaxing at home with my cat, James, and going to concerts!


I’m Johnnie and I’m the social media coordinator for feed our children now. I also do anything else needed. I’ve werk werk werked with the non profit for 4 years. I like Harry Potter, tennis and chicken. Eminem and Rihanna are the king and queen in my life.


I am Dixie, currently a Digital Arts and Design student at Full Sail University and I am most passionate about design, traveling, family, and athletics. I aspire to pursue an in depth direction towards video editing, composting, and VFX post graduation.

I’ve been so privileged to have been working with aQire™ for over a month now. Even though I haven’t been with the team long, I already feel like part of the family. It’s a great opportunity to work with enthusiastic and goal oriented people. We’re like-minded individuals, seeking to inspire and use design to empower others.



My name is Makayla McComb and I am a Marketing major at Ohio State University. I first started volunteering with Feed Our Children Now the summer of 2014. I love the music industry and volunteering so helping out with Feed Our Children for the Warped. Tour just made sense to me. Volunteering with Feed Our Children has taught me so much about myself and the importance of helping others.


hello, hello! i’m desiree from connecticut and i’m currently a student at the university of tampa. i first got involved with this amazing organization my freshman year of college after sending an e-mail for more information about being involved in the nonprofit field. i’ve been going to warped tour since high school and have always admired the magic that happens with feed our children now. as a charity coordinator, it’s amazing being able to build relationships with organizations all over the country and hear their excitement about receiving a donation that helps them for the entire year. when i get the opportunity to be on site and meet with them in person, nothing is better than that moment, i get to be there first hand it’s one of the best feelings. these past few years have taught me so much about the nonprofit field and has given me insight into a field i plan to join after college. i can’t wait  to see what the future has in store and i hope to one day be able to meet every organization i’ve helped coordinate!


I first started working with FOCN in 2013, when I was six. I was excited about the FOCN mission, and I really wanted to help out. My favorite time was the FOCN food drive at Van’s Warped Tour in Atlanta, Georgia when we attempted the World Record and took in tons of food for the hungry. What a great time! I am proud of FOCN and all the great projects to come! 


“I learned that having a sound plan requires alternate solutions for when things don’t go as expected.   CMW developed my leadership skills, which I use in my career today.”

Melissa started as a volunteer for Feed Our Children NOW in 2008. She earned a bachelors of science in finance from Rutgers School of Business and an MBA from Villanova University.  Melissa works in Market Analysis for PJM Interconnection where she analyzes current and future market trends and behaviors in the energy industry.  During her first year volunteering with FOCN, Melissa traveled with Lana to solicit monetary and canned donations for local children in need.  In 2009, Melissa coordinated the delivery of  canned goods to local women and children’s shelters in each city on The Warped Tour.  In2010, she moved on to mentor and oversee the coordination effort being performed by the new volunteers.  Melissa recently served as a consultant to Creative Money Works during a Villanova Social Practicum MBA course. 

CMW taught me to always have a solid plan in place before executing a project. 


“Having started working as an editorial director with Creative Money Works in late 2016, it’s been a pleasure to get to know a group of women and men so rich in perspective and talent. Always looking forward – to the work and the solidarity of this team.”


Hey I’m Erik. I was born and raised in Florida, currently Orlando, where I decided to stay after getting my Marketing degree from University of Central Florida in 2014. During the year I work various jobs at a local venue, festivals, events, and concerts. I am also the Assistant Eco/Nonprofit Manager on Warped Tour where I met the Feed Our Children NOW! Team. It is always a pleasure to work with nonprofits and will learn all I can with FOCN and aQire. Anytime I can help out attendees and make the world a better place I am all for it. My goal is to tour full time and keep working with nonprofits. I am constantly at shows so if you see me come say hi, love meeting everyone. 


“Hi!! My name is Matt Benton. I am 22 and am from New York! I graduated from SUNY Binghamton with a BA in Sociology and a minor in Cinematic Studies. I first got started with helping Feed Our Children NOW! back in 2014 and have been in love with the non-profit ever since! I love volunteering my time to better communities and to leave positive impacts everywhere I go! I love the arts and music, as well as traveling have just having a good time! My goal is to do everything I can to ensure that Feed Our Children NOW! has another successful summer at Warped!!”


Hi, I’m Jessica! I’m a Junior at the State University of New York, College at Oneonta, pursuing a dual major in Computer Art and Communication Studies. I love working in digital & film photography, illustration, and graphic & web design. I’ve been a graphic designer on the Feed Our Children Now and aQire team for about a year now. Having the opportunity to work with this incredible group of people has provided me with some truly meaningful experiences and has helped me to learn and grow as both an artist and a person, and I am proud to be a part of this team!